Pools & Spas

Gunite pools are the strongest and one of oldest forms of swimming pools around. They provide the superior strength they are known for while still maintaining their design flexibility. Vinyl liner pools last on average about seven years, and are limited in what design kits a builder has available. A gunite pool can be designed to incorporate any shape or feature your imagination can come up with, while still lasting you a lifetime.

Choosing between an experienced builder who uses proper manufacturing techniques, combined with the highest quality gunite material available, will be the deciding factor between whether your pool will last ten years or one hundred years. We here at Shur Shot Gunite pride ourselves on our honesty, the quality of our product, and our expert craftsmanship with many of our employees working with us for over ten years. We see every aspect of the job thru first hand, and still believe that a handshake means something. Please take a moment to browse through our work…

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