Dams & Reservoirs

By using gunite, you can build a dam inside an existing stream running through your property in order to create an all-natural, self-filtering pond with a waterfall style dam overflow. Whether you are looking to create a serene area of leisure and relaxation, or looking to add a watering hole on farm land to give animals a place to get a drink and cool off on a hot day, Shur Shot Gunite can design the dam and surrounding landscape to fit whatever your desire or needs may be.

We also do repairs on existing failing dams. If a dam on your property is starting to break, gunite can be applied to help the dam regain the structure it once had. Whether they are smaller residential or large commercial dams, Shur Shot Gunite has the experience and know how to build or repair your dam back to peak performance. Because of its high water resistance, gunite acts as the perfect base to any existing reservoir that is having difficulty maintaining water levels year round.

No matter your needs, Shur Shot Gunite is ready to help you with a professional and personal approach to tackle any project you are faced with. Here are some images of previous work…

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