Foundation Repair

To those living in New England, having a home with an old stone and mortar colonial foundation is just a way of life. While these were typically well built and still structurally safe even a century later, we are finding more and more that the years have taken their toll on the foundations leading to water leakage and crumbling mortar. Whether the dilapidated foundation is just allowing water to leach into your basement, or rocks actually becoming loose and compromising the overall structural strength of your foundation, gunite can be used to fix these problems from the inside (headroom restrictions apply) or outside.

Applying a top coat of gunite at high pressure allows the material to fill the voids found between the rocks during this process. This leaves your old foundation wall looking and acting like new and will be structurally sound for years to come. The coat of gunite also creates a new water resistant seal, helping to remove that musty, wet basement odor that comes with some of the older colonial houses in New England.

From homeowners’ basements, to town halls, to bridges, to the foundation of Yale University, gunite has been used to secure all kinds of foundations. Please take a moment, and see what we can do for you…

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